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When the schnecken beckons.....order a dozen from The Village Nosh!

My husband can't eat enough of these delightful brioche dough snail shaped breakfast buns.  

PECAN SCHNECKEN aka Pecan Sticky Buns are awfully good on the day that they come out of the over and for a few days afterward (if they last that long)!  This is a recipe that I made for decades to impress family when they visited.  They take two full days to make and are worth every bite.  These are very large.

MOHN SCHNECKEN are schnecken filled with a homemade poppy seed filling.  After making about 10 times the poppy seed filling that I needed for a huge Hamentashen order of Poppy Seed Hamentashen,  I added Mohn Schecken to the product line.  Rather than rolling out and using a cinnamon-sugar filling as is done with Pecan Schnecken, Mohn Schnecken has the homemade poppy seed filling on the inside of the swirled dough.

MINI SCHNECKEN (Pecan Sticky Buns) are a crowd pleaser.  This was one of the most requested recipes for anything that I baked over the years.  Indulgent goodness, but small enough so you don't feel guilty if you eat a second mini schnecken.  They have a hint of rum flavoring along with pecans, currants, and caramel.  They are so good that you'll want to lick your fingers afterwards.  (We won't tell!)

Sold by the dozen.

In case you can't eat a whole dozen in a few days, they freeze well.  Just warm them up at 300 degrees for about 5 minutes and they'll be perfect!