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A knish is a small round baked good filled with mashed potato and caramelized onions, wrapped in a thin sheet of dough that is double coated with an egg wash to make it shiny.  The knish is came to New York on the backs of Jewish immigrants.  You can find them at good delis in New York's Lower East Side and at The Village Nosh, here in Boulder, CO.

We sell knishes in 4 packs and 6 packs.  Each knish weighs about 6 oz is is a nice sized accompaniment to a sandwich made on our NY Rye Bread and a sour dill pickle.   Each knish is about the size of a bagel.

Since Boulder has many people with food alergies, we are making knishes several ways:  the traditional way you get them in NY with mashed potatoes and carmelized onions or Gluten-Free (made with one:one GF flour).  If onions aren't your thing and you want an order of knishes with no onions, please let us know and give us a few extra days notice and we can make them for you that way.

We make an extraordinary Spanakopeta Knish, which is filled with organic spinach, gruyere cheese, feta cheese, eggs, dill and parsley.  Add a side salad and you have a great healthy delicious meal. 

If you love carmelized crimini mushrooms from Hazel Dell mushroom, you have to taste our Potato-Mushroom-Onion Knishes!


Available for local pickup and delivery only in the Boulder, CO area.