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Challah rolls

Challah rolls

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Challah roll orders must be placed by midnight Tuesday for Friday availability after 4pm.

Challah rolls will only be available on Fridays.

Challah is a traditional brioche bread eaten by Jewish people around the world on the Sabbath and to celebrate Rosh Hashana (New Years Day). Being a brioche bread, this bread has eggs included and is covered by an egg wash twice to give it a beautiful shine. It has a very soft yellow pillowy interior. It’s a beautiful additional to a family table.  

Challah rolls are available in a 4.0 ounce weight.  We sell them in quantities of 5 each.  The 4 ounce size makes a nice size sandwich.

If your child likes to nosh on challah rolls, I'd recommend the 2.5 once size which come in packages of 8.  If you aren't going to eat them all within a few days, just throw them in the freezer and defrost at room temperature.


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