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The power of marketing and the taste of babka - a winning combination

It's been an amazing past six weeks at The Village Nosh.  In early May, we set up our Shopify site and now we have steady large orders coming in daily from all over the U.S.  Friends, family and people that I've never met are ordering babkas, biscotti and lots of other products like crazy!  

We also started selling at the Boulder County's Farmer Market (BCFM2Go), which is their e-commerce market launched this year.  I truly have become the babka queen!  Chocolate babkas have been our most popular seller, followed by baklava babka and cinnamon babka and raisin-walnut babkas.

This week we are introducing a new flavor babka, called Hazelnut Chocolate Babka.  This babka will be adored by fans of Nutella.  While it does use an imported hazelnut chocolate spread with no GMOs and no preservatives, we also add dark chocolate pieces to the filling and top with a struesel made of confectionary sugar, organic flour and organic butter.  YUM!!!

Get ready to see some other new items introduced this summer.  We seem to have ordered twice what we thought we ordered of dark raisins, so Organic Oatmeal Raisin cookies will be added for Father's Day.  We also had numerous requests for gluten-free items and we added a GF Cranberry Oat muffin which has all organic and GF ingredients.  These muffins received a thumbs up from everyone who purchased them.

I've also discovered a new favorite daily snack  -  FROZEN Chocolate Covered macaroons.  Forget ice cream. These are even better and are gluten-free as well.  Purchase the chocolated covered Macaroons from us and pop them in the freezer.  They taste great and provide a nice cooling effect to the summer heat.

We now have an additional freezer and refrigerator in addition to those in our commercial kitchen to help expedite your orders.  Many thanks to Shawn for hauling the fridge back from Chicago and to Michael for making it work and look like new.

Don't forget to post pics of yourselves eating our products on your Facebook page.  Send us the link and we'll give you 10% off your next order.

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  • Greg Hilbert

    Do you make bialys?

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