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Thank you Boulderites for an amazing Rosh Hashana start to the new year

The last few weeks have been extremely busy at The Village Nosh.  Sales at the BCFM2Go farmer's market continue to climb, and Boulderites came out in droves to celebrate Rosh Hashana and the New Year 5781 with freshly baked Turban shaped challahs that were available in Plain, Raisin or Gluten Free.  We baked nearly 200 challahs, over 100 honey and apple cakes and dozens of babkas for Rosh Hashana this week!  We look forward to serving the elderly with our homemade apricot and plum lekvar rugelach next week for break fast after Yom Kippur.

With the blessing of rapidly growing sales during a pandemic, The Village Nosh has added our first employee outside our family.  We will have some additional expertise from Josh, a pastry arts graduate of Escoffier.

As Fall is almost here, we'll be adding the promised culinary items that I've discussed with many of our customers over the summer.   By popular demand, we'll add some Eastern European soups that will be sold frozen for you to reheat at home and eat at your convenience.



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