We are closed for retirement and will no longer be accepting any new orders!

Menu expansion ideas are a possibility

Yesterday was a busy baking day at The Village Nosh.  We posted several changes to our new website, powered by Shopify, and mentioned these on Facebook.  Then a great thing happened!  Lots of new orders came in!  Ahhh, the power of the Internet to keep us all connected during the CoVid19 lockdown.

We made several babka loaves, chocolate babka and a large cinnamon raisin walnut babka with a simple syrup topping (pictured here). New orders came in from all over the U.S., not just the local Boulder, CO area where we are located.

Despite the CoVid setback, The Village Nosh is determined to grow it's business and keep on a steady growth path to allow people to eat healthier Eastern European baked goods.

We have received many comments from the local community to make some culinary dishes as well.  Dianne, our owner is anxious to sell knishes.  For those of you who don't know what a knish is, it's a round or square mash potato and onion filled side dish that is wrapped in a dough exterior.  Add some mustard and it's a winner with any deli sandwich.  We've also has requests for sour dill pickles, kugel, brisket, pastrami and corn beef.  

So, the menu from The Village Nosh may expand during CoVid.  Stay tuned to see if and when we begin offering these culinary delights that kept our ancestors alive.  They'll be takeout only, but with local delivery. 

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