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Drumroll please--- The Village Nosh now offers Culinary Delights as well as baked goods

The last few weeks have been really busy around The Village Nosh.  In addition to our growing list of new customers and repeat customers, we spoke to Public Health Department about getting a Retail Food Establishment license!  We met with Britt, from Broomfield's Public Health and Environment department, at our commercial kitchen in Broomfield on US Hwy 287.  The Village Nosh was granted our third CO license in the last year in addition to the CO Food Manufacturer license and CO Cottage Industry license that we already maintain.  We now have two people on staff with ServSafe manager certifications--Dianne, the owner, and her husband Michael, who is officially now out of retirement to join The Village Nosh. So now we...

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The power of marketing and the taste of babka - a winning combination

It's been an amazing past six weeks at The Village Nosh.  In early May, we set up our Shopify site and now we have steady large orders coming in daily from all over the U.S.  Friends, family and people that I've never met are ordering babkas, biscotti and lots of other products like crazy!  We also started selling at the Boulder County's Farmer Market (BCFM2Go), which is their e-commerce market launched this year.  I truly have become the babka queen!  Chocolate babkas have been our most popular seller, followed by baklava babka and cinnamon babka and raisin-walnut babkas. This week we are introducing a new flavor babka, called Hazelnut Chocolate Babka.  This babka will be adored by fans of Nutella.  While...

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Menu expansion ideas are a possibility

Yesterday was a busy baking day at The Village Nosh.  We posted several changes to our new website, powered by Shopify, and mentioned these on Facebook.  Then a great thing happened!  Lots of new orders came in!  Ahhh, the power of the Internet to keep us all connected during the CoVid19 lockdown.We made several babka loaves, chocolate babka and a large cinnamon raisin walnut babka with a simple syrup topping (pictured here). New orders came in from all over the U.S., not just the local Boulder, CO area where we are located. Despite the CoVid setback, The Village Nosh is determined to grow it's business and keep on a steady growth path to allow people to eat healthier Eastern European...

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